Website Creation

Website Creation

Website creation appears easy and doable if you read some forum posts or articles that promote website builders and other similar software tools. Now, it very much depends on what you understand by ‘simple’ and what expectations you have in terms of web design. There are several things that need to be done in order to begin your website. First you have to register the domain name which basically creates the website address. You pay a fee when you register, and then you are charged on a yearly basis.

With some free web hosts you pay nothing for the domain name. Yet, you don’t really own the domain name and the services are pretty unstable. Experts advise those interested in website creation to find a reliable web host. All your files will be housed with the web host that provides the environment to create and save Internet pages. While some web hosts require monthly payment, some charge on an annual basis as well. Such details are for the user to check.

Now for the actual website creation, you have two options: to use the website building tools offered by the web host, or turn to a professional web designer for the job. It’s also possible to use a web editing software program to create the website yourself, but the task usually requires basic knowledge and understanding of CSS (cascading style sheets) and HTML. There are free editors as well, and even if they have some limitations, they work fine in general. Without a piece of software, the HTML has to be coded from scratch.

Decide on the website features prior to actually starting website creation. Know your goals, make a sketch and build the website architecture on it. Online guest-books, chat room for site visitors to communicate, message forum, feedback forms and many more can be added to the website, to strengthen the relationship with site visitors. You should be aware that user interactive features require special scripts, which makes website creation a bit more complex.

Some such scripts are free, others require payment. Have a look at both categories, ask around and then decide on the right option for you. The problem with these scripts is that you have to install them on your own. Get the setup with the web host, then follow the instructions to complete this part of website creation. It’s important to check with the web host whether they support the kind of script you’re planning to use.

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