Website Builder

Website Builder

A website builder gives any person the possibility to construct a website from scratch without manual code editing. Some web hosting companies offer free website builder tools as part of their marketing strategy. You get the hosting with the company, and they offer a free program that helps you build a private website in no time. You should also make the distinction between website builder and website design software. The former is an online tool, while the latter is a software that is installed on your PC, creating pages offline. With a web design software, you can then choose any host to publish these pages.

Among the companies that offer free website builder access to customers that subscribe to web hosting we can mention Yola, Wix, or You can check what a fully functional website created with their builder looks like. There are lots of website galleries to take a look at as well as a variety of services to choose from. There are no limitations for the type of web pages created with the website builder. They range from basic personal sites to social network content and fully-operational business and e-commerce websites.

You don’t need any technical knowledge or experience when you use a website builder because the tool is designed to do almost everything for you. In case you’re wondering about technical support, it is offered by the host provider in the form of video and text tutorials. Most websites are designed using Adobe Flash and HTML, which are standards supported by all browsers. Although growing in popularity Flash is still not that great to work with.

I’ve come across incredible sites designed with Flash, and there are website builder tools for this purpose. Yet, experts do not warmly recommend Flash just yet because it prevents indexation from Google and Yahoo crawlers. You may have the best-looking website, and still have no visitors because the search engine does not find it. Check the pros and cons of Flash before using a website builder that relies on it.

We should also mention the professional category of website builder that is extensively used by off-line web masters who work for more than just one web host and one client. Yet, only someone with good understanding of CSS (cascading style sheets) and HTML can actually use such tools. With such a program, you can enjoy more program flexibility, yet in comparison with a regular online website builder, such a tool is so much more expensive.

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