Unwanted Emails

Unwanted Emails

Majority of us use emails for daily communications. We use our email address whenever we subscribe to an Internet service or a website. Most of the websites collect our email information although it is not necessary for the purpose of us visiting the website. Later the collection of email information is sold to other third party email marketing companies for a price. Then these third party email marketing companies use our email address for sending us their ads and offers and what nots. This is how we end up getting unwanted emails into our Inbox.

There are a few ways of dealing with unwanted emails. First of all, you can go for a good spam filter for your email program. If you are using a corporate email account, chances are that you are already using are good, industry grade spam filter for stopping unwanted emails. If you are using a personal email account bound to your own domain, then the email services provider will offer you a high level of spam filtering as part of the service you buy. Of course some emails may escape from this filter, but this mechanism works 99% of the time. If you are using a common web mail, such as Google Mail, you are again offered a comprehensive spam filtering mechanism for free of charge. This is why you end up getting all the important emails to your Inbox and divert all unwanted emails to the Junk folder in Google Mail.

Although almost all the emails services providers offer spam filtering, there are some loopholes in the system. Some smart email marketing companies are able to fool the spam filters and get through to our Inbox with unwanted emails. If you regularly experience this scenarios, you can install a personal spam filter for your email program and these spam filters are commonly available with anti-virus programs. This way, you filter your emails for unwanted emails at two levels. When it comes to selecting the right spam filter for getting rid of unwanted emails, you can go ahead with industry’s most known brand names such as Symantec or McAfee. Although there are many other spam filters available in the market with anti-virus programs, they are yet to prove what they are capable of.

If you get unwanted emails from a specific person or a domain, you can easily setup a mail rule in your email client or server in order to delete the unwanted emails at the reception or send it to the Junk folder after receiving.

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