Top Search Engine Ranking

High search engine rankings are what we all want for our online business. Higher we are ranked, we get more people coming in and buying our products and services. If high search rankings is so important to us, have you ever thought about the factors involving high search rankings? Let’s have a look at the four most important factors in high search rankings.

Anchor text with keywords embedded is supposed to be the factor that has most influence towards high search rankings. But these anchor text is should in external links and should not be in your own website. Take a website of your friend as an example. If you and your friend come to an understanding and your friend places anchor text directing your website link in his website, your website get a good vote in order to get high search rankings. This is the best way to get high search rankings and you can use Internet forums and other websites for this purpose. Just write to the web masters of such website in order to add your website to their links and you may want to do the same for them.

The quality of the links that are pointing your website is another important factor when it comes to getting high search rankings. As an example, imagine there are two links coming to your website, one from your friend’s website (which is not so popular) and other from When the search engine sees the two links, it will assign a high value to the link coming from Amazon. So, if you want to get high search rankings quite soon, you should focus on links coming to your website from popular sources.

Diversity of the links coming to your website also plays a critical role in high search rankings. If your incoming links are originating from various websites that do not have any interconnections, it helps you to get high search rankings at the end. This simply means that 15 incoming links from one website to you website is less ranked than a few incoming links that comes from different websites.

Usage of keywords in the title tag plays a key role when it comes to getting high search rankings. This optimization technique is an on-page technique that can be attended by anyone. What you all need to do is to find the correct keywords for your website or the business and embed that in the title tag of the webpage. You can use many free online keywords tools for finding the best keywords for you.

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