Submitting Articles

Submitting Articles

Article marketing is one of the new words that are being used in the Internet marketing industry. Articles have become the latest channel of doing marketing for different products and services. Let’s have a look at how this is being done in article marketing.

Submitting articles to article directories is the main method used for article marketing. Let’s see how this process takes place. First of all the person who is interested in doing the article marketing campaign writes articles with relevant keywords in them to promote a business or a website. Usually these articles are about 500 words long and include keywords with a density of 1.5% to 3%. If the campaign requires large number of articles to be submitted, the client contracts third parties for producing the articles. Once articles are produced, they need to be thoroughly proofread. If the keyword density is higher than the specified, the article may look unnatural and also some of the article directories won’t allow such over dense articles.

Once you have all your articles in your hand, it is time to start submitting articles to the article directories. If you are submitting articles to article directories in low numbers, you may be able to do it manually. You will have to create an account with each article directory and then read their guidelines on the article content and structure. As an example, the requirements for submitting articles to e-How and e-Zine are different. Therefore, you will have to customize the articles to suit the target directory. If you are unable to do this validation manually, there are many online tools available for you to check the compatibility of your articles with the directories.

If your submitting articles requirement is less in volume, of course the manual way is quite OK. In case if you looking at submitting articles in hundreds, then you will have to employ a tool or a third party for that. There are so many submitting articles tools available in the Internet where you can automate the process of submission with just a few clicks. Many of these tools validate the content of the article being submitted, so it has a little margin of error getting the submitted articles rejected from the article directory. This way of submitting articles to directories become quite easy and low cost. In addition to employing a tool, you can also use a third party for doing the bulk submissions manually. Such outsourcing is not quite expensive and useful if you do article marketing as a business.

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