Spam Filter Test

Spam Filter Test

Spam is one of the greatest annoyances in the modern Internet world. Regardless of whom you are and what you do, you end up getting spam emails to your Inbox. Although we are protected by server level spam filters, we still end up getting spam emails. If you are a system administrator who is looking into server level spam filtering or a email user who is evaluating a few spam filters, this article is for you. In this brief article, we look into evaluating the effectiveness of spam filters by spam filter test.

When it comes to the evaluation of spam filter software, we need to conduct a spam filter test. The spam filter test is conducted in order to find the best spam filter for our purpose. When it comes to the spam filter test, you need to plan the test in advance. We will cover why you need to be prepared early in a few minutes.

Before start with the spam filter test, you need to plan the test. Consider the types of junk emails you got during past few months and different scenarios of getting those unwanted emails. In your spam filter test, all such scenarios should be included. Now, for simulating all possible spam scenarios in your spam filter test, you need to get the assistance of your network department. They are able to help you with simulating email sending from other subnets, domains, etc. Since such coordination and setting up takes time, you need to contact them as pass the requirements as early as possible. That is why you are required plan ahead.

Once your test bed is finalized, you can start testing each spam filter by running your spam filter test again each. When you run the spam filter test, you need to make sure that all the spam filters are configured to your requirements as maximum as possible. If you run the spam filter test against a spam filter with default parameters, you will not get what you want. If you are not knowledgeable enough to tweak the filters as you want, you can surely talk to the customer support of the respective spam filter and get help. Usually the customer support helps you out with all your questions as you are evaluating their software.

Once the spam filter test is completed, you need collate the results and rank the spam filter software based on the criteria that is important to you. Then you can select the best spam filter software for you.

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