Spam Blocker Utility

Spam Blocker Utility

If you have been using email for some time, you may know what spam means. Spam is the unwanted emails that you get to your Inbox promoting unwanted products and services. There is a mechanism for getting rid of spam emails and it is called spam blocker utility. The organizations that offer you the email solution usually utilize a server level spam blocker utility in order to get rid of the spam even before they reach your email client. Sometimes, they reach your email client and then sent to the Spam or Junk folder.

There are two types of spam blocker utility; server level spam blocker utility and client level spam blocker utility. The sever level filter is a much more sophisticated filter than used at the client level. The spam blocker utility used at the server level is much expensive compared to the client level ones. The server level one is usually a custom made one for the requirements of the email service.

Although you are protected at the server level for spam, sometimes you end up getting the unwanted emails to your Inbox. This is due to the smartness of the people who send you spam and some holes in the spam blocker utility. In such cases, you can have your own spam blocker utility installed and configured to stop unwanted emails coming to your inbox. When it comes to getting hold of a good spam blocker utility, there are many things that you should consider. As an example, if you are not willing to pay a lot of money or trying to get some free product, there is a number of free spam blocker utility software on offer. You can simply download one such software and then tryout for its effectiveness. But the free spam blocker utility programs are usually show less effectiveness compared to the commercial spam blockers as the free spam blocker utility software are not maintained and updated as frequently as the commercial ones.

In addition to the issues related to update and maintenance, some free spam blocker utility software could be just malware. There have been many instances of this free software being spyware, where they spy on your incoming and outgoing emails. Since you have integrated these spyware to the email client, they have the unrestricted access to the same. Therefore, it is always a good idea for your read a lot about the spam blocker that you would like to download for free, before you install it in your system.

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