Increase Free Traffic

Increase Free Traffic

Starting a blog could achieve many purposes from freely expressing your ideas to the world all the way to internet marketing. The more views a blog gets the more popular and more successful it is. There are many ways to create traffic for your blog; some of them require an initial investment while others are free. Here, we will discuss the proven ways to increase free traffic to your blog.

The first step to take on the quest to increase free traffic for your website is to post genuine, quality content which won’t make an onlooker doubt how and why you received all the views. It is necessary to check and double check the spelling, grammar and punctuation in your articles. Needless to say, you will be able to increase free traffic up to a certain extent with the aid of quality content. Start to build traffic by inviting the people you know to read your blog. You can directly link your social media sites to our blog and increase free traffic easily every time someone on your friend list visits the link.

Submitting your blog to search engines is another great way to increase free traffic. This is something that will eventually happen as with time but with the aid of blog submitting software and websites, you will be able to achieve this faster. Make the most of free services such as ping-o-matic to ping blog directories with each blog update. Submitting articles on article directories with a link to your blog at the bottom is also a good traffic increasing method. Make sure you write solid, interesting articles with valuable content which will make the reader click your blog link for more.

Commenting on other blogs is another surefire way to increase free traffic to your blog. Instead of posting unrelated comments on every single blog you come across without even bothering to read the content is bound to have an effect on your reputation. In the blogosphere, maintaining a good reputation and not coming across as an attention seeking annoyance is also crucial if you are intending to increase free traffic to your blog. Choose blogs related to your niche, read the posts and leave useful comments along with the link to your site.

On a final note, make sure to make blogging a habit and update your blog as often as possible to make sure that your readers don’t lose interest and stop paying visits. 10 – 20 minutes a day would be more than sufficient to keep your blog to increase free traffic consistently. And don’t forget to enjoy what you are doing without regarding it as a chore which will only cause you to lose interest fast.

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