Free Spam Blockers

Free Spam Blockers

Spam is the number of nuisance of the Internet. Regardless of what you do or how you use your email account, the people who send spam make sure that your email Inbox is full with unwanted emails. Take Google Mail as an example. If you have a Google Mail account, just have a look at the Spam folder. For me, there are at least 100 emails coming to the Spam folder with different kinds of offers and messages. Imagine having all these spam messages in your Inbox. How long will you be taking to find some important email in your Inbox?

In order to address this issue of spam, there are spam blockers. For people who are but reluctant to spend some money on a paid spam blocker, there are good, but free spam blockers available. If you want to see the options you have, just Google for free spam blockers and you will find a plenty. Although there are hundreds of spam blockers are available, selecting one for you could be done with a lot of care. Let’s have a look at what to consider when getting free spam blockers.

First of all remember that all free spam blockers are not genuine. There are some free spam blockers that appear to be legitimate, but they are malware in true nature. Once you install them in your computer, they start spying your emails as you have already given the authorization to the program to get interactive with the email client. This is one of the key areas that you need to be careful when selecting free spam blockers. Therefore, before downloading and installing the free spam blockers, make sure you read a comprehensive description and real user feedback about the free spam blockers. Sometimes, the creators of the malware post positive feedback about the program just to fool the people who read it. These comments usually can be detected by its tone.

Sometimes, you get free spam blockers included in famous anti-virus programs. These anti-virus programs charge a fee from the user for protecting the computer from virus and phishing attackers, but offer free spam blockers for users. Since these free spam blockers are attached to a reputed anti-virus programs and created by good brand names in the IT industry, usually these spam blockers are good it filtering the unwanted emails.

The free spam blockers can be integrated to the emails clients such as Outlook and other mainstream email clients without a hassle of going through a lot of technical configurations.

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