Email Spam Blocker

Email Spam Blocker

Sometimes ago it was discouraging to use email accounts as they tend to get filled by spam. There were people who were collecting our email addresses for sending us all unwanted emails promoting various products and services. In addition, some parties sent phishing scams and some people actually became victims of such scams.

Due to the high negative impact made by the email spam, the spam blockers started becoming popular. The spam filters started catching most of the spam emails as they were enhanced by their producers to face the challenges of advanced spam. As a result, email spam blockers were introduced to the internet users as well as to the corporate clients. An email spam blocker is a software program which works with your email server or the email client in order to identify unwanted emails and mark them as spam. By this definition, the email spam blocker software work at two levels; the server level as well as the email client level.

If you use a free web based email account such as Hotmail, and if you are still getting spam email to your Inbox, then you are just out of luck. The spam filter is administered by the people who offer you the email services and they may not be using a good email spam blocker. All you can do is to use some email rules to manage the damage from your end. In case if you are using an email client for receiving and sending emails, then you can use a email spam blocker installed in your computer. Once the email spam blocker is installed, you can configure that to work with your email client such as Outlook. Then the email spam blocker checks each and every email which comes in for spam and mark as spam if the emails meet the criteria. In this approach, you can even add your own spam rules to the email spam blocker, so you can minimize the spam coming into your Inbox.

When it comes to email spam blocker software, you can either have free software installed or you can buy a good spam blocker. The free email spam blocker software does not carry high level of accuracy and effectiveness when it comes to filtering for the spam emails. In addition to that, some free spam blocker software could be just malware, spaying on your emails once they are installed. Therefore, one should be careful when it comes to getting free spam blockers for use.

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