Block Junk Email

Block Junk Email

Junk email is a permanent issue that is faced by each and every email user. So how do you block junk email?

More and more software are coming out in the market every day to combat the pain of junk emails. But none seems to be working to the best of their ability in doing a perfect job for the pain stalked email user. If you browse through the internet you will find millions of anti spam software and bots created to block spam but the issue remains that spam somehow finds you and your email, no matter what precautions and actions you take.

While it should be understood that it is impossible to block junk email completely, it can be controlled. If you are receiving too much spam and junk email to your inbox that means there’s something radically wrong with your email settings.

So before you decide to spend money on those fancy anti spam tools available on the internet, you need to find the options of your email account and do a thorough check on the setting that you have previously selected.

In the options section of your email account, you will usually find a several options to block junk email. All these should be enabled and the security and privacy level of your email account should be lifted as high as possible.
Since the improvement of technology, many measures have been taken to block junk emails in order to provide hassle free email support for users. But the fact remains that, no matter what you do with options and settings, junk emails keep reaching your inbox. But life is easier still because the email exchange servers will recognise junk as junk and block junk emails. This doesn’t make the drama entirely clear steer of the hassle that you experience as a user because sometimes you will find that very important personal emails coming from contacts that are not in your contact list or distribution lists being delivered to junk folder after being classified as junk email.

While the situation remains at this with free email providers, if you are using a paid service, you will have more freedom and luxury to choose what you want to do. Learning how to block junk email is not rocket science rather it is a tactic. If you speak to network administrators of your paid email service, they will provide plenty of tips on how to block junk email and be stress-free when dealing with emails.

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